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Financing a SME
A sample of projects completed follows:


The client, a small enterprise in the services industry, needed financing for working capital.  Issues to surmount included a lack of hard assets or other security as preferred by traditional lenders such as the leading commercial banks. For this client we completed proposal documents, formal financial statements for a Review engagement, and held discussions with several potential lenders.  Eventually we sourced an institution whose lending criteria were right for the client and closed the deal.

A client who owned a small enterprise recognized the need to grow through acquisitions, with an expected payoff through synergies.  Provided deal analysis, comments on and proposals for terms and conditions, and valuations under different scenarios for consideration.


Another client required process and criteria for investment analysis in a medium sized enterprise.  Provided structured investment model for use by proposers, criteria for return rates thereon, and deal strategy for acquisitions.  Result was higher returns on investments with measurable results post investment.

The client was a medium sized enterprise, comprised of a number of small companies, each with its own performance criteria, as well as reporting systems, timings, and methodologies.  Introduced an integrated processes for reporting, short-term forecasting, annual planning and longer term strategic planning.  This allowed meaningful review and management by the owner, on a consistent and comparable manner, and a solid basis for understanding and completion by all executive staff.

A medium sized enterprise, with hard assets, had major growth plans requiring funds for capital and operating investments.  In each of several years, provided investment analyses for prospective lenders (e.g. cash flows) along with financial statement forecasts, sourced potential traditional lenders, held discussions with lenders regarding their proposals, finalized and closed deals, often increasing available funds for client.  Followed up with building and maintaining high quality relatinships with lenders to the benefit of client over the longer term.

Strategic Planning
Traditional Financing
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