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Board Directorships

Relevant experience includes:


  • 10 years CFO of public companies, frequent interractions with Directors, attendance and participation at Board meetings, Company Secretary & Minutes.

  • 10 years with 4 to 6 Audit Committee meetings per year, working closely with Audit Committee Chair, establish Agenda with Chair, work through and resolve issues at meetings.

  • 10 years attended and participated at selection of Governance and Compensation committee meetings, also Pension committees.

  • 10 years Successfully complete all filings, managed IR relationships, establish processes under new disclosure & controls laws followed by ongoing compliance

Murray Johnston Principal Consultant


Brings 25+ years experience as a senior finance executive in varied industries:


  • Manufacturing

  • B2B Services

  • Branded consumer goods


Access to high calibre specialist advisors with many years of experience in their respective fields. 


  • The Experion Group


CFO, Project Based

Relevant experience includes:


  • 25 years strategic planning - implementing integrated planning processes.  An agreed plan is a solid base for a team approach to business development in a growing company. 

  • 15 years raising finance for growth-oriented companies, for varying amounts, from varying sources.  No matter what the amount, the funding is always of fundamental importance to the company concerned.

  • 25 years driving investments for growth, whether organic, such as new ventures or products, or external through acquisitions.  Solid knowledge of the buy-side of acquisition processes brings insight into success factors.



An accomplished and dynamic finance executive who combines strategic focus with a passion for delivering growth.  


Known for integrity and a results-driven style - whose value proposition is delivering resources to drive profitable growth.


Delights in bringing unique knowledge to new situations with an ability to resolve complex issues explained in a straightforward manner. 

Throughout an extensive career Murray has taken on many issues whether directly finance related or beyond, such as contract development, delivering new or improved systems, or partnering business executives in strategic planning and execution.


Furthermore, he adds colour from an appreciation for cultural diversity founded upon living in four cities across Canada and four other countries around the world, and working in Europe, Asia/Pacific, and the MENA region.

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