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Our Expertise

For Us, Strategic Finance is about identifying and bringing forth the Right Resources to Drive Growth.
Let's talk: We'll listen to the issues, set out how we bring resolution; maximize the gain, minimize the pain.

Otherwise described as Strategic Thinking ...

Identify the problem, lay out a plan of action and the expected results.  Bring in the team with the knowledge.  What needs to be done?  How will we achieve that?  Looking for growth, either organic or through M&A?  National or international? Need greater financial resources? Are the owners looking for an exit plan? 

Add to or change the enterprise's own resources, whether people, assets, or money.


Use existing resources more productively.


Drive efficiencies in current business processes.

Dispose of part of the existing business so that the remaining business, with sale proceeds, has greater value.


Acquire a business that fits the criteria identified to generate growth.  Find ...


The magic formula  1 + 1 = 3

Strategic Planning
Growth - Organic
Growth - M&A

Our principal will take Board assignments, leveraging consummate financial skills suitable for Audit Committee membership, adding diversity, independence, integrity and a 'challenger' style.


Actions envisaged in the future may require a high standard of organizational documentation such as: Corporate structure and records, people organization, key contracts, customers and suppliers, government filings.




Today there are an increasing number of business leaders and owners who, having built a business, wish to retire and enjoy the fruits of their lifelong labour and/or provide for estate planning.


Are the owners, family or otherwise, looking to set in place an exit plan and/or estate plan?

Restructure/simplify existing financing(s)




Structure significant new borrowings



In either case, to support investments in growth.



Corporate FInance
Ownership Transition
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